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Dog Grooming
Salon „Kudlius”

“Kudlius” dog grooming salon, located in “Geri namai” premises, has been operating for 7 years, and the professional hairdresser Erika works with scissors at the front of it, who can provide your pets with the following beauty treatments:

  • Wash with professional dog cosmetics;
  • Brushing;
  • Grooming and cut specific for the dog breed or customized according to owners requests;
  • Rough coat grooming and care ;
  • Nail cutting
    Cleaning of ears and eyes

About Erika

I have been grooming dogs already 12 years, but since show poodles walked into my life 10 years ago, I have specialized in grooming this beautiful breed. Most of my clients are poodles. Grooming poodles is endless fun, as you can create many different looks for the same dog, only imagination is the limit.

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