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At “Geri namai” swimming pool, we welcome all puppies who adore water and want to splash around in it and diversify their everyday life!

Pool price  1 h –  30eur

  1. Don’t feed your dog minimum 4 hours before the visit
  2. Walk your dog outside for toilet
  3. Owners are not allowed into the pool. Bring water proof slippers and remember that your clothes can get wet from splashing.
  4. Bring warm jacket or sweater for your dog to wear after the water session
  5. Wash the dog before entering pool and dry the dog after the pool
  6. Bring your dogs favorite snacks and toys
  7. Remember positive training. Never push the dog into the water by force. Use snacks and toys to engourage the dog into the water. If your dog is afraid or reluctant, please register for a swimming lesson with our specialist.