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Dog Hotel and Day Care

During the stay at the “Geri namai” Hotel (care with overnight stay) and the Day Center (care without overnight stay), we will provide each puppy with:

  • activities and games to suit the needs of each individual dog;
  • own room with meditacion music for sleep and rest time;
  • daily walk in nearby Bukciu forest;
  • playtime and games alone and with other dogs;
  • swimming in the 8m pool for water lovers (only for hotel guests);
  • lots of belly rubs and love;
  • games and activities in the gym;
  • photos and video greetings every day for the owner;

Address: Bukčių g. 8, Vilnius

It is important that your dog feels safe and comfortable with us. Therefore first come visit us together with your dog. Then register your dog for half day / full day care before you leave your dog for the hotel for longer time. This way we get to know your dog better and the dog feels safe with us.

We accept dogs:


  • over 4 months age;

  • friendly to people and other dogs;

  • female dogs not in heat; 

  • microchipped;

  • treated for ticks and flees;

  • valid vaccinations for rabis and virus infections;

  • kennel cough vaccination is recommend. 


When you come to us:

  • Take with you dog vaccination passport / EU passport.

  • Dog bed, food and snacks, favorite toys.

  • Come at least 30 min before you have to leave, so you can fill in the required documents and make your dog feel comfortable.

  • You can leave and pick up your dog during work hours 7.00 – 20.00 and also outside working hours for extra 30 EUR fee (when possible).

  • Pay by card or bank transfer, no cash.

VIP rooms
for small dogs

At the hotel, we can offer you to stay in chic VIP rooms, where your pet will be able to curl up in a giant bed after a day of fun.

Dog transport

If you do not have the opportunity to bring or bring a puppy to our center or your home, we can offer you a puppy transportation service!

The price of the service in Vilnius – 10Eur.
Outside Vilnius – 10Eur+0,5ct/km

We can provide additional
following services:

  • Beauty salon services;
  • Massage services;
  • Fitness training;
  • Hydrotherapy session;
  • Treat-filled Kong toy;


Liisa Leitzinger,

Since 2016, I started my non-profit organization in Lithuania and Finland, whose main mission is to help shelters and their dogs. Since the problem of homeless dogs in Lithuania is still extremely acute, one of the missions of the “Geri namai” center will remain helping homeless animals until every dog in Lithuania can enjoy a healthy and happy life!

It has always been my biggest dream to establish a dog center that would provide various services and activities for dogs and their owners. Therefore, establishing “Geri namai” is a true fulfillment of my dream!

The greatest joy of my home are three small puppies with very big personalities – Diesel, Honey and Gnome.

Živilė Vilčiauskaitė,

I have been working with dogs for more than 10 years, I have gained a lot of knowledge while working in a dog and cat shelter, a veterinary clinic, a pet store and a hotel.

At the moment, three hearts cover the floor with hair in my house – Lucy, a 14-year-old three-legged female, and her two feline companions, both of whom have had neurological problems since childhood. But what all my pets have really taught me is that a disability is no reason not to enjoy every moment of life!

Karolina Ivanovaitė,
Dog Care Specialist

I am a hiking guide, a supporter of sports with dogs, the most important thing for me is nature, active activities and the dog’s mental and physical discharge. The first dog in the family appeared as a child, since then my whole life revolves around dogs and their well-being.

In 2017, I became a volunteer at an animal shelter, after taking a mixed breed from there, I plunged headlong into the world of cynology. Since 2017 I regularly participate in various Lithuanian and foreign trainers’ seminars, lectures and trainings on dog training, sports and health topics, I also obtained a certificate of exhibition assistant. If there is a dog somewhere – you will find me there too!

Nika Lukianskaitė,
Dog Care Specialist

My journey with dogs began with volunteering at an animal shelter, after which I decided that I wanted to devote my life to animals and chose to study veterinary paramedics.

I also took a dog named Mango from the shelter along with me on my journey of life. It was a tough road with him because he had problems with aggression from an early age, so training and dog behavior classes were my daily routine. I love long walks with my dog, when I have more free time we always go exploring the woods.

Irina Galkova,
Dog Care Specialist

I am a member of the Lithuanian Federation of Cynologists and the owner of the Thai ridgeback kennel “Baltijos Audra”. Dogs of this breed are stubborn, but if you start training early and have patience, you can deny the fact that Thai ridgebacks are difficult to train.

This is how I raised my two wonderful ladies, Nubi and Era. Nubi is the champion of the Baltic countries, Era just started her show career and is the owner of the Lithuanian youth champion title.

Customer Success Manager

My name is Musė, and I am a customer success manager in the Geri Namai dog hotel team. I became interested in this profession when I got older and realized that I love helping other dogs feel safe and comfortable.

See you at the hotel!